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Hello! Thanks for visiting our virtual gallery NovT.

Our gallery's motto is "Beautiful can't be useless"

(Junna Moritz).

Our aim is to make people kinder and happier. We think that beauty (in clothes, interior and appearance) is what people need in our cruel and ruthless age. Beauty is the only accessible medicine for sole and body, which is able not only to bring back spiritual health to human being but to make him more tolerant and kind to other people, himself and world in the whole. Be happy!

We see our technical task in the following:

- uniting of Russian artists around the idea of Virtual Gallery NovT and make their works well-known and popular by means of the global INTERNET-system. That means to make these works accessible;

- adorning our everyday life with these wonderful artists' works;

- promoting the formation of civilized market of works of art in Russia;

You may use our virtual gallery for:

1. Buying a finished work (if a price is indicated, it means that the work is for sale).

2. Ordering a work of an artist, whose works attracted your attention (approximate prices are indicated in the corresponding section of gallery for each artist).

3. If you are an artist,

3.1. Exhibiting. To exhibit your works in the gallery you are to make a request by telephone, pager or E-mail (the last is preferable).

3.2. Selling your work to us or to pass it for selling.

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