Research ¹1.1.: applicant's polling.


Between applicants were participants from Zvorikin project, students of Moscow State University and other applicants that've got ideas and project that they want to realize and other people who took part in poll (that's why there was a question:"Do you have any projects and ideas to realize?". It helps us to see if our sampling was good).
Let's make some conclusions.

1) Only 17% of respondents said they are sure to make all work by themselves with documents execution. So we can say that this function is needed to other 83%. Moreover on Conference "Success technology" (that was held in Moscow aircraft institute, 18 of may, 2009) one of applicant said that this part of work (documents execution) shouldn't be made by scientists and other applicants. Why? Just because it's not there professional field. They don't know how to do it. They are not economists.

2) 39% are potential clients of I6Bureou. If somebody helps them with realization their idea- they want to try to start up their project.

3) 58% agreed to take barter credit. So it gives as opportunity to learn about this kind of credit more and maybe to use it in I6Bureao.

4) 61% said that establishing I6Bureao as one united platform, "Single Window" is necessary.

This question ("Is it necessary to create I6Bureau as one united platform, "Single Window"?)"was formulated as "open" that's why we had to combine all answers in 3 categories: yes, no, other. united such answers like: there are a lot of difficulties on way of creating something new; it's complicated to give an answer. Between this variants was one: "Such an organization is created". But we want and we can to disagree with it. We've made a big market research and can surely say that there is no such an  organization as I6Bureao. Of course there are some organizations that have the several similar  functions, but the main idea and principles of working are absolutely different. Moreover the most of them are not working and their sites hardly exists.

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